New York Subway MTA Map App recensioner

A Must have

Super Super useful during a New York Visit!

Never right



Not easy to find handicap access


No way to set upon-open map position so I have to scroll a little after each start. Too many ads. (Understandable as it’s free)

Great resource

I live here and use this app to go everywhere on the subway!

Great app very informative

Always on point. My go to app for subway alerts



Overpriced app

It was not as I was expected for 8 dollars app. I like the free app better

A must have

Helpful when you’re not sure of your destination stop.


Very good app. No problems.

It works!

Visiting here. Just wish subway map signs were more visible and more plentiful.


Timetables are not always accurate and don’t always working 👎🏽

Never works

I downloaded this app and tried to plan a route and nothing happens.


App is slow and takes forever to refresh and is never accurate

Extraordinarily useful

Well designed, easy to use. It makes using the NYC subway much easier

Love this app

Great app

Nyc subway

Disappointed,to many adverts,

Nasty bug when phone locked

Didn’t have an issue for a long time but now a nasty pet peeve. When I lock the phone and then retrieve:pickup the phone a banner advisory of hours ago stays there. I unlock the phone and it disappears. What gives???

If you ride the subway, you need this app.

Good, handy map and up-to-date service updates.

No stars

The ads make this app too inconvenient to use. I am deleting.

A must-have for New Yorkers/Toursits

Great app for those who live in NYC or just visiting. Map is up to date and so far I’ve experienced no issues. Only 4 stars because app doesn’t look as smooth and great on the iPhone X. Once iPhone X screen proportion is updated it will be a 5 star App for me.

How Not to Get Lost in NYC

Best NYC Subway App! Accurate, easy to use, helpful, fail-proof!


LOL you don't know how much you want to be a good person and you don't have to be a bad guy

No street map

Would be helpful to have street map to locate stations.

Ads interfere with use.

When do you need a subway map? Now! Before the doors close. When you open the app, an ad appears that you can’t get rid of. Just missed the train I needed. Deleting this app while I wait for the next one.

Essential app for navigating NYC subway!!

Could not have found my way around without it!!


No directionality listed on route planner Can tell which train but not which direction. This makes app useless Unforgivable omission

So disappointing for a once great app

This app used to be great but now it is so cluttered with ads and forces you into web browser ads. The routes feature apparently does not work without upgrading anymore. On the bright side, I’ve finally learnt to just read a simple subway map and no longer rely on the app.





Addresses don’t work

I can’t believe I paid for this. It’s only barely good for having a subway map. If you don’t know the name of the station you’re going to this app is useless. You can not type in an address and have it give you the nearest station. A waste of money. I’m sorry I paid for the ad free version. They don’t deserve the money, neither do the ad companies! Mapway sent me an email saying that their app can find nearest location but they failed to mention that it doesn’t do point to point. You have to know the subway stop you’re going to for the app to tell you how to get there. WELL if I knew that I wouldn’t need the app in the first place! I’ll stick with Apple Maps and consider the $3’s a donation maybe they can get a clue.

No brained

Makes traveling around so much easier. Even if you’re familiar with the city

Very Helpful

Makes it easy knowing how to go

Good help

This app is great

Great Map

Easy to find stations and locations in one spot

Inaccurate train arrival times.

Grossly inaccurate train arrival times.


Well designed—easy to use. Thanks


This app is useless. It is not user-friendly at all and becomes frustrating to navigate.

Decent free app

Decent free app, but not not very accurate on weekend service status


If you don’t turn off ads, you get full screen ads that cannot be dismissed—no map for you! But turning off the ads is much as $8! Too expensive I say.

Great app

Helpful and easy to navigate

NYC subway system

Fast and reliable in these stressful/unpredictable times we live in today.

Needs internet

Don’t like that it needs Internet to work

Couldn’t do NY without it



Very helpful for people visitors and for people who recently moved to NY to travel through the system without wasting time getting on or off the wrong stations.


The map is al I see useful and a map can be obtained anywhere. It needs lots of improvements. Also, the adds should not pop up when you are looking for an address, specially when in a rush. I know thats how they make money, but, think about a better way of advertisement.

Missing important info

Good map that’s available offline. It’s very useful. I used to have notifications on but it became useless as there are only a few timeframes for notification that you can choose (I find that I get way too many for way too long...even though you only need it just 1 hr before you leave) and the notification itself is not specific about what the change in service is. Not helpful. And I found out that throughout using this app over a couple of years, it doesn’t let you know any weekend service changes - such as trains not running at all or skipping certain stations. This is a different type of notification aside from the usual incident/delay type of service change and it’s somehow hard to know unless you go to a specific page on the MTA website or go to the station to see notice flyers stuck on the wall. I dunno... but I get really annoyed when I go take the train and the train station itself is shut down at the same time it shows “good service” on this app. Now I have to either walk to another line/station and/or rearrange my whole transportation so I’m probably gonna be late for 30 mins.. Hopefully in the future this app can include such important info so we don’t get the run around from MTA so much as we do now.

Subway transit

Absolutely, horrible Cannot route Doesn’t show subway entrances Not user friendly Not good for beginners Not useful for those with little subway knowledge

Dope app

Very useful!


Ton of ads. Inaccurate information.

It use to update

For 2 weeks straight the 2 and 3 trains had work suspended from 10pm-5pm. At no point did the application show this. This app has become unreliable as of late. So sad to delete it

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