New York Subway MTA Map App recensioner

A Must have

Super Super useful during a New York Visit!

Horrible app

This app is useless! The time schedule is NEVER correct

WTC cortlandt

It is great but WTC Cortlandt is still closed.

New Ads are horrible

This app used to be great with banner ads at the bottom. But after a recent update video ads now pop up and take up the entire screen, making the app useless.

Terrible subway app

Not at all worth the money for this app. You might as well just google nyc subway map and screenshot it and save yourself the money. Difficult and confusing to use without much functionality. Years ago I used an app itrans nyc which was cheaper with a much better user interface and more functionality. They stopped all work on the app so over the years I’ve had to find a new app. Wish I hadn’t wasted the money on this one.


This app isn’t just useless, it is actually counterproductive. It suggests the longest route, giving totally inaccurate estimates of travel time. It never factors in track work or delays, and doesn’t even show them in the updates and alerts section. Don’t bother!

Great except default location is random spot in Queens

This is a very handy app if you use the NYC Subway. My only problem is it ALWAYS opens the map in Queens/E. Williamsburg area instead of using my current location.

Not worth .99 let alone 9.99

Pretty much useless when you're actually down in the subway system and need it most. Search is terrible. It's pretty much a joke as far as a tool for navigating goes as searching by address from point a to b doesn't help with which station to use as you'd expect. But hey... I can now get Boston and DC's useless version as well so woo hoo on that.

Ads that block map when you are in a rush are ridiculously annoying - deleting this

Ads are ridiculously annoying, especially when you need to quickly look smth up while using the subway and they show an ad blocking out the entire app making it unusable for that time..

2 min wait

Renting a bike from Central Park to the theater Roosevelt house on 20th St. I had to renew the time and the two minute wait another person took my bike away.

Good, but dropping due to the obnoxious ADS!

This is a pretty decent app for navigating the NYC subway system. The time clocks are usually correct, or close enough. But the advertisements have become increasingly obnoxious and intrusive. Checking the updated train time while in transit or transferring has become pointless because you are now forced to sit through a 10-15 second ad before you can close the ad out and get on with the train time. The train time you get a glimpse of before the ad pops up is not live. This app is not worth it in my opinion.


Always wrong times never the right trains I’m better off guessing

Great subway map

Exact same map as the metro, zoomable and works offline


Helps me know what’s going on with the subway lines and also helps on my daily commute to work...


As soon as I open the app I get an add... sounds just like the mta...

Not up to date

Why this map hasn’t been updated yet?? It’s been a few years that everything changed at WTC!!!

Cactus Kelly

All I see on this app is “let us show you around”. Then nothing happens. It doesn’t open.

Good but could be better

Needs improvements : real time closing and delay updating, favorites on the map, less freezing

Subway app

Confusing to start up

Where is the 2nd Avenue line?

It’s been open for a year and is not on the map?

1st time in Ny!

1st time in NY and found this app to be invaluable in finding our way around. Great app!!

Ads ruin this app

Developers made an enormous mistake allowing interstitial ads on this app. This app is used by commuters who often have mere seconds of internet access in station to decide whether to switch trains before the subway doors close. An interstitial ad with a tiny "x" button, or worse, a countdown until the ad can be closed, makes the app unusable when it's needed most. This would be a great app if not for this glaring oversight.

Too many ads

Too many ads

App falls apart after rush hour. Good for map.

After 8pm (M-F), this app does not give accurate arrivals. On the weekends, it’s not useful for arrivals/departures. At least the app gives you a map to see. Maybe I’m being to harsh to the app developers since NYC’s infrastructure is not well maintained.

Subway Map

Have downloaded map 3 times on the Apple site and still can’t open it!!! On the bottom showing the subway logo it shows 4 circles. It won’t move past the first circle to be able to view the map. Useless!

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Didn’t include subway closures

This app does not provide up to date info. The entire F station at 23rd st is shut down for 6 months, and this app listed it as running. There is no way to report transit issues through the app. The pop up ads are also very annoying. I’m deleting this app.

Is the App really worth the annoyance?

I understand that for an App to be profitable it needs to sell advertising. That’s fine and dandy however when the advertising cannot be readily closed to actually use the App, it becomes useless. There have been many instances where information was needed immediately to make an informed decision and was blocked by advertising that could not be closed. Put it to you this way......., I will be looking at OTHER Apps.

Don’t bother

It made me late and ended up taking an Uber.

Save Yourself

MTA had a great App and then they went and replaced it with this. Previous one showed up all the stops on each line, this just basically gives u a subway map. Ads keep popping up as you’re trying to get directions. There’s got to be a better App out there, this ain’t it.

A failure

New update doesn’t open. Only unresponsive page let us show you around


Failed to tell me about service changes

Quick and easy

Good app

Weekend closures

Couldn’t follow the route recommended from 81st to the Battery Park ferry because of a planned closure.

Ads are a big problem...

No problem with the app itself, but ads are very intrusive in the free version. Their loud music will turn off whatever you might have been listening to. You’ll have to wait for a few seconds (again with the loud music) before being able to hit the X to shut down the ad (but if you slightly miss it, your App Store will automatically open...)

Please stop video ads

If I’m checking the train statuses most likely I’m rushing to get to my next train. Doesn’t help when a video ad pops up and I have to wait 5 seconds to close it.

Subway app



It’s a Great App! It’ll be even better if you do get interrupted in the middle of searching for a station by Advertisement.

Convenient and Helpful

Excellent at helping determine the most efficient routes and notifying you of issues or construction.

Can’t open

I can’t get past the introductory screen. Previously it would open with a map


Not like embark but it'll do. But taking a picture of the subway map would do the same job. It's a better timeframe interface.

Could be good, but annoying design

The app nags you about notifications being turned off unless you have every notification option turned on. This is just terrible. I don’t want them all turned on. Leave me alone. It also shows ads in a deliberately intrusive way. A full screen ad comes on right when you need to use the app, and there’s a little my pause before you can dismiss it. I can be enticed into paying for a good app but will not be BULLIED into paying for a hostile one. Another developer that hates its users.

The map is good, current location is poor

When you go from your current location it puts you in wrong location. Try to update it and it often remembers a past location. Other than the map I didn’t find this app helpful.

Missed my train

Because I had to watch this motherfreaking add beforehand. Whateverrrr. Ugh.

Ads interrupting your emergency search

Don’t mind ads but don’t use this when you’re in a rush. As soon as you open the app to the service status right before you can check anything the ad pops, imagine when you’re in a train changing stop and connection is limited platform to platform you trying search and the ad pops then you lost connection again :(( You don’t even get to search anything. A lot of my local New Yorkers friends use the other free apps and they never have problems with ads interrupting.

It’s great

It’s super easy to use. I love it.

Just an ad

What happened? Just want a map of the subway! Not there anymore


So far so good! Why did I buy guidebooks? Why did I download a different app before this one? This one has it all!

Intrusive Ads

Running down the platform and want to quickly check your route? Not with this app. A full screen ad *with no close button* appears and tries to get you to play some horrible, pixelated game. Intrusive and irrelevant.

Lousy and untrustworthy.

I purchased this app and it has failed to give correct schedules or notify of cancelled due to work schedules - bad app

What is this?

Unable to navigate anything. I am killing this app.

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