New York Subway MTA Map App recensioner

A Must have

Super Super useful during a New York Visit!

Convenient and Helpful

Excellent at helping determine the most efficient routes and notifying you of issues or construction.

Can’t open

I can’t get past the introductory screen. Previously it would open with a map


Not like embark but it'll do. But taking a picture of the subway map would do the same job. It's a better timeframe interface.

Could be good, but annoying design

The app nags you about notifications being turned off unless you have every notification option turned on. This is just terrible. I don’t want them all turned on. Leave me alone. It also shows ads in a deliberately intrusive way. A full screen ad comes on right when you need to use the app, and there’s a little my pause before you can dismiss it. I can be enticed into paying for a good app but will not be BULLIED into paying for a hostile one. Another developer that hates its users.

The map is good, current location is poor

When you go from your current location it puts you in wrong location. Try to update it and it often remembers a past location. Other than the map I didn’t find this app helpful.

Missed my train

Because I had to watch this motherfreaking add beforehand. Whateverrrr. Ugh.

Ads interrupting your emergency search

Don’t mind ads but don’t use this when you’re in a rush. As soon as you open the app to the service status right before you can check anything the ad pops, imagine when you’re in a train changing stop and connection is limited platform to platform you trying search and the ad pops then you lost connection again :(( You don’t even get to search anything. A lot of my local New Yorkers friends use the other free apps and they never have problems with ads interrupting.

It’s great

It’s super easy to use. I love it.

Just an ad

What happened? Just want a map of the subway! Not there anymore


So far so good! Why did I buy guidebooks? Why did I download a different app before this one? This one has it all!

Intrusive Ads

Running down the platform and want to quickly check your route? Not with this app. A full screen ad *with no close button* appears and tries to get you to play some horrible, pixelated game. Intrusive and irrelevant.

Lousy and untrustworthy.

I purchased this app and it has failed to give correct schedules or notify of cancelled due to work schedules - bad app

What is this?

Unable to navigate anything. I am killing this app.

Used to be a good, free app. The ads make it less useful.

This used to be my go to subway app but now I’m so irritated by the ads that you have to wait through to use it that I’m going to find something else.

For a bad public transport system- at least the app should be for free

Bes Tony

Never accurate

Says delays and it’s good service. Says good service then there are delays. Just unreliable.


Frozen on welcome let us how you around opening page


Excellent that this provides so much service info!

Not helpful

I could easily google the map or get a paper one, that’s just as helpful. This app does not tell you where you are or how to get to your location. It literally only shows you the map. You have to PAY, yes pay, to know the times the trains run. Would not recommend

Does not work

A frozen welcome page is the only thing it displays — and no way to get into the app. Useless The same thing suddenly happened in the version I had for a year (deleted) and here It is again on the newly downloaded app.



Inaccurate countdown clocks

App is decent. Service statuses seem to be fairly accurate, however the countdown clocks always seem to be missing the closest train. For example, the countdown clock will say the next train is 8 mins away, when really the next train is 3 mins away. There may be one 8 mins away, but the most important info, the next closest train, isn’t always on there. This makes trying to time transfers to/from express trains difficult and often leads me to not even check the countdown clocks on the app or open the app because it’s not correct and/or missing train arrivals. So what’s the point of the countdown clocks if they’re not correct?

NYC service delays

App needs to integrate service delays and construction closings into the map. Over the Memorial Day weekend I was continually routed to stations that weren’t running. If you click on the station, outages should appear under alerts not on an entirely separate page.

So wrong!!!

Put in to travel from WTC to the Museum of Natural History. Said to take E from WTC to 23rd to transfer to the A. There is no A at 23rd. So got off at 42nd where there was an A and it didn’t stop until 125th! It said it stopped at 81st and found no A stops at 81st. Thanks for wasting our morning. Don’t recommend this app!


Excellent application


This app is often wrong regarding nyc subway status updates. Not even emergencies but planned work that is public info days or weeks in advance.

Not bad but could be better

Please add the letter or number of the train rather than just calling it “the broadway local.” This would be much more helpful to a tourist. The other thing you could do is add in a hyperlink that maps the walking path to the subway station that you need. Other than that, it’s a very helpful app. I would’ve given it 5 stars if it had these 2 features.

No Alert when Metro Entrances are closed

I have checked statuses and it doesn’t report on entrance closures. Very frustrating.

Ok app but inaccurate

I use this app daily but it’s inaccurate. It says the A line stops at my local stop and it never has and never will during regular service. I have emailed them about this over the years but they never correct it. It also doesn’t take into account engineering line closures.


Tried to give negative stars. This app throws up full screen ads that last a while right when you need to check something in a hurry. Not only is that slimy but the App Store should reject for stuff like this.

Potential of a great app, but ads overload

I like this app, but man the pop ups make it hard to even look stops up. Making the app kinda useless in a lot of situations


Don't bother! When you want to know when a train going to arrive or leave a station, the app conveniently provides trains leaving stations that are 10 stations away from where you are. What's the point of that???!


I’m at 7th Ave /53rd St at 9:30 on a Thur. App says D is running, but station time clocks show no sign of a D. Posters say B is not running, but Time clock says it is?

The best, most reliable subway schedule!

Often Better than the new electronic signs.

Handy in a pinch

Handy in a pinch but would be better as an interactive map.

Needs to update m train info

Useful but M train service was fully restored almost a month ago and the app hasn’t updated to reflect this!!!

Service status info not reliable

Have had app for the last couple months. Several times I have relied on the service status function only to find the particular line is down, in one case was down all day to planned construction. Not reliable.


Wow it works even when I’m back in Oklahoma! Found the closest station to me was the tottenille station at the tip of statin island.

More work

Would be nice if you could locate yourself on the map with a “find me” feature. And find the closest station to me and directions to it. Other than that I think it’s great. Shows you where to transfer.

Great help for commuters.

It’s always helpful.

Weak arrival info

Seems like with all the subway data available on the platform, one would be able incorporate it into a simple app. “Location unknown “ is not acceptable.

False information

This app is late on delays/reports inaccurately. The 7 train has delays every other day hat leaves trains at complete stand still, and this app says “Good Service”. Unless the MTA is consistently lying about “sick passengers” and stalled trains, this app is not a reliable resource for commuting traffic and train status.

Not as trash as before but still trash...

The train arrival time is not accurate and it misses a lot of train information....for example A,B,C,D,1-3, trains always have maintenance but they never fully display the delay or cancelled....also they need to update emergency alert for the train mess up like popo situation....Idk is the app problem or MTA is just so trash that nothing can save it from being so trash....

Hate the ads

Hate the ads


I just bought the Bulk Upgrade and I don’t see any of the upgrades such as Carriage Exits, First and Last Trains in my app. I clicked Done and nothing happens. How do I get these other features?

Bad news APP

Doesn’t work well, click on route planner, put Penn Station to destination address and there’s no where to click or tap on submit etc. in order to receive the route or witch subway train to take... Hard to use not user-friendly. ********************************** 2nd review regarding your RESPONSE: thank you for your response. If I knew the station I was going to, I wouldn’t need the APP, ryt? My issue was, I didn’t know which train or train line to take from PENN station. That’s why I used the app in the first place, to find out which train line to use, which stop to get off at. The app could not give me that information. As you stated in your response, it doesn’t work with addresses. Perhaps you could fix that in the future, going forward. Thank you For your initial reply.

Where are the schedules???

Where ???

Get rid of adds

What mta app out there is supported solely by the mta?

no point

incredibly slow and basically the equivalent of pulling out and opening a paper map except it takes much longer

This app is terrible

Doesn't give you route times and tells you ridiculous routes. There can be a straight route and it gives you one with 2 transfers. Or it tells you to take trains from a station that doesn't even have that train. Better yet, it takes you past your destination and transfers you. So dumb.

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