New York Subway - MTA map and route planner App Reviews

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Needs W Line

This map is a great reference. However, they still havent added the new W Line. Until they update their map, theyll be missing an entire line, which is quite significant when the whole purpose of this app is to provide an accurate map and to act as a reference for subway travelers. 3 stars until the update. Update: they added the W line!

Good but why not an add free version?

This is a very good App for getting around NYC on the subway. I would have given it 5 stars were it not for the video advertising which is both time and data consuming. An advertising free version would be welcome!

Best app ever

When I was at parsons Blvd it said a train will arrive in 2 minutes. Later it said now.And after 10 seconds the train came!

Same bug happens again.

The same bug service alerts stopped working just shows a black screen and no train arrivals please fix these bugs. When the update came out it got fixed but then it just stopped working but the good thing they eventually work again which is great.

Love this app

Very useful app


Best Ive seen and used

Plan ahead

This is a good app for planning your trip, of course the adds are annoying, but the app works great. Give yourself the time to plan out your trip there may be delays.

Great App

This is great. This app is accurate. Love that it tells you how many stops, what direction to exit the train, minutes of commute with or without train delays. I love it.

Easy to use

Its easy and to the point, great for people who arent from NYC and still good for those not familiar with the other boroughs.

Really useful

Excellent tool. Helps a lot.


You can even use it offline. Only feedback I have is to allow the user to select the 2nd location in the route, from the map. I do not always know the name of the station.

Default opens zoomed in on Queens?

Everytime I open the app, the default is zoomed in on one stop in Queens? Cant check out the map when I only have one hand free-have to pinch to zoom out and then scroll over. Please fix this! Otherwise its a great App.

Dont waste your time!

This app is of no help if you dont already know exactly what stations you are going to start and stop at. Whats the point if all you have is an address and need to understand what train to take? It also doesnt tell you you need to get off and transfer to another train!! Terribly pointless app.

Terrible. Just like NYC MTA!

This app is garbage just like the MTA. It doesnt update the information for service changes until the time the service changes. Now what sense does that make? I resent the MTA and this app earns the same angry feelings.

App works well!

For one who visits New York infrequently, this helps in trip planning & does a good job keeping information current

Best Subway app!

I love it. The best Subway app, and easy to use.

The subway

Its ok but the timing is a little off.

Doesnt work

The service info function doesnt work, just a black screen that doesnt update when refreshed.


Offline (and on) availability makes this worth it. Works smoothly.

Not useful

Doesnt recognise any of the points of interest so is useless for planning a route unless you already know the nearby stations. If I want a basic useless map then I will use a paper one and not waste space and data on this

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